Let's Collectively Bring a Global Nano/Molecular Medical Innovation Conference to Houston!

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Seeking: Conference Organizers, Symposium Organizers, an International Advisory Board Committee Members, and Institutions Sponsors

The Region 5 Houston Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) is petitioning the Nanotechnology Council (NTC) Conference Steering Committee from the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to bring the NANOMED conference within the states for the first time in 2018. The IEEE-EMBS Houston chapter is co-sponsoring the petitioning to the NANOMED Steering committee and further organization of the conference details. Typically this conference is held in Asia with an attendance of roughly 2000 attendees. To make this a success for the academic, non-profit, industry and Houston economy we are seeking support from the Houston organizations to show beyond a doubt the immense value this city will bring to the medical-based Houston constituents. Moreover, if our Houston-based NANOMED conference competes with the success achieved on the international stage annually, we will petition the NANOMED Steering Committee to begin considering for this conference to be held twice a year with one conference venue annually in the United States hosted by Houston and it's medical and engineering communities!

As a brief background about the global conference, in 2015, NANOMED had 12 plenaries and keynote talks by leading experts, 130+ speakers, 25 themed sessions and 3 workshops. IEEE-NANOMED is one of the premier annual events organized by the IEEE Nanotechnology Council to bring together physicians, scientists and engineers alike from all over the world and every sector of academy and industry. Working on the advancement of basic and clinical research in medical and biological sciences using nano/molecular and engineering methods. IEEE-NANOMED is the conference where practitioners will see nano/molecular medicine and engineering at work in both their own and related fields, from essential and advanced scientific and engineering research and theory to translational and clinical research.

My aspiration is to make Houston a regular NANOMED conference host going forward and starting this initiative/tradition in 2018. The motivation and advantage for bringing NANOMED to Houston is the wealth of experience and knowledge the Texas Medical Center and it participating universities can offer to the global community. It is an advantage for both the NANOMED community and the Texas Medical Center for us to meet together annually to exchange intellectual information and build lasting collaborations from a medical community, which can advance technology for humanity. To this achievement success, we are collaborating with the Mayor's Office and Houston First to accurately convey the advantages Houston has in hosting this nano/molecular-based medical innovation conference. The conference acceptance, by the Steering Committee for NANOMED-Houston could help further strengthen the Houston economy and its member constituents across all market sectors with a vested interest in nano/molecular engineering for the medical and engineering sectors. Additionally, this will be anther building block for the Texas Medical Center creating Houston as a life sciences innovation and manufacturing leader.

The current conference proposal organizers are seeking support from Houston organizations. Specifically, we need leaders from within our community to help as conference organizers, symposium organizers and international advisory board members. It's also important we cordially invite national and international colleagues as conference organizers, symposium organizers, an international advisory board committee members, and institutional sponsors - to strengthen the global value of the conference. To validate the various Houston organizations and institutions are supporting the conference organization (either organizational support or financial support), we are asking for Letters of Support that we can place within our petition to the NTC NANOMED Sterring Committee. Please pass this information along to your colleagues who might be interested in supporting this conference. Our current deadline for supporting the proposal is mid-February. Please contact us, via the contact form below to inquire further and discuss the possibility of support for this conference request. Thank you for your time and we hope to work with you.


Timeline Illustration from Initial Request to Deadline

  • February 15th, 2016

    Deadline for Proposal Submission

    NANOMED Steering Committee is expecting the proposal for review and approval

  • January - February 2016

    Request for Houston and International Support Continues

    Conference Organizers, Symposium Organizer, Organization and Industry Partners, International Advisory Board Confirmations.

  • December 2015

    NTC Request a 2018 Proposal

    The Houston Engineering and Medicine Biology Society (EMBS) approves co-sponsorship with the Region-5 IEEE Houston Excutive Committee. The organization as a whole will support driving the proposal development. Outreach to Houston academic, non-profit, and industry to partner and help support the development for the NANOMED Houston 2018 conference.

  • November 2015


    Requested the Nanotechnology Council to allow Houston to Host the conference

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